Chocolatier 3 - Decadence by Design

Chocolatier 3 - Decadence by Design

Run your own Chocolate factory and buy shops to make it grow
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In this game you own your chocolate factory and you must prepare different types of chocolates to sell them in the market all over the world. Control shops and factories and expand your business and buy more chocolate shops. The main objective of this game is to get the ingredients and make different chocolates to sell. Explore buildings, markets and farms to get the ingredients you need. You must buy cocoa, milk, nuts, mint and other ingredients to make your recipes and prepare your chocolates. Vendors in markets and farms will have the ingredients you need to buy for your products. Once you prepare your products sell them to shops to turn them to cash. Consider investing, buying other shops and buying new ingredients to make more products and sell more chocolates. You will have a recipe book where you can find the way to make your products, make new recipes, buy new ingredients and add them to your recipe book. In this game you will travel to different parts of the world to get new ingredients and to sell your products.

Birgilio Rivera
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